Welcome to the Pillar of Civilization

Greetings adventurers – are you looking for high adventure in a land of sunlight, good kings, wicked monsters, and lovely young lads and lasses in need of assistance? If so, you have come to the wrong place – here is a land of scheming sorcerer kings, fanatical cultists, ancient treasure, undead armies, paranoid townsfolk, nomadic raiders and slave empires, all with mysterious agendas and ancient hatreds dating back to before history itself. Here is a brutal land where the strong survive and pray on the weak, and more often than not goodliness is a death sentence in and of itself. Here is a land where nothing is as it seems, and betrayal is the norm rather than the exception. Welcome to the Pillar of Civilization

Players Start Here

Hello everyone! If you’re reading this, it means you have successfully joined the Obsidian Portal page for the Pillar of Civilization campaign! Please go to the Characters section and create a page for your character, adding all your relevant information – as time passes, please keep this character page updated as it will serve as a way for me to keep track of your abilities (and your character’s journal, if you want!) as well as a backup character sheet in case something happens to your hard copy. In addition, you guys should start maintaining an Adventure Log to keep track of your adventures, plans, and party information as a group to help expedite gameplay by keeping everyone on the same page. Thanks!

The Pillar of Civilization

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